Apprentice Chris teaches the WI a thing or two!

Apprentice Chris teaches the WI a thing or two!

Last night, Butcher Dan & Apprentice Chris are hosted a butchery demonstration for the Howick WI as we continue to celebrate #NationalApprenticeshipWeek

The team are using local lamb supplied from Christon Bank and are showcasing a range of traditional techniques and some modern cooking inspiration.

Suzanne Hodgson from the WI said: "A huge thank you from Howick WI .
We have all had a great evening. Well done Dan, Chris Matthew from Turnbulls of Alnwick. Purveyors of fine local meat and fresh produce'
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National Apprenticeship Week 2024

National Apprenticeship Week 2024

This week Turnbull’s are celebrating our two apprentice butchers, Chris & George! 

National Apprenticeship Week is the 17th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships with the aim to build the future and reflecting on how these schemes can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career and for businesses to develop a talented workforce that is equipped with future-ready skills.


Chris swapped the grill at McDonald's for the butcher's block at Turnbull's having already had some experience working fresh meat the counter at a supermarket, he wanted to advance his career and gain a proper qualification with us. 

George stopped pulling pints and started dicing beef at Turnbulls last year after giving up the hospitality trade in pursuit of a career with more sociable hours. 

The pair will become a fully qualified Butcher and develop skills such as knife skills, working on pork, lamb and beef whole carcasses, sausage and burger production, as well as the importance health and safety in the workplace. They will be working alongside Turnbull’s experienced team of master butchers, both in Turnbull’s Food Hall and Cutting and Processing unit.

They will be given the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to become a fully qualified butcher and to develop skill sets that will allow them to become one of the country's best young apprentice butchers and to compete in national competitions.

Turnbull’s would like to call upon other businesses, individuals, employers, training providers and communities to get involved with National Apprentice Week 2024 by encouraging everyone to consider how apprenticeships can help to provide #SkillsForLife.

For anyone considering a career in butchery, an apprenticeship may be a great opportunity to learn on the job and acquire the skills and training you need:

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We’ve taken the difficult decision to close our Town Centre shop

We’ve taken the difficult decision to close our Town Centre shop

We’ve taken the difficult decision to close our Town Centre shop for an extended period of time, due to ongoing staffing issues which, post COVID, have made operations extremely challenging.

We’re also going to use the time to transition into our new bakery unit.

This is an exciting new chapter for the Turnbull’s business. Opening our new bakery production unit that will allow us to continue producing award winning produce in new, modern and purpose built premises.

Our Food Hall will of course, continue to operate as normal in the meantime.

By closing our Market Street shop, we’re aiming to give ourselves some much needed breathing space and to allow us to work on some exciting new projects, keeping Turnbull’s at the forefront of the UK Independent Food Retail sector.
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Help us raise £1000s for local youth sports clubs

Help us raise £1000s for local youth sports clubs

The Turnbull's Northumbrian Food Festival is happening next week from Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd of September and will be supporting a range of local Youth Sports Clubs by donating thousands of pounds towards their fundraising efforts. 

As part of the event, Turnbull’s are donating a proportion of each day’s sales to: Alnwick Rugby Juniors & Minis, Alnwick Dolphins, Alnwick Town Juniors and Alnmouth & Lesbury Cricket Club Juniors. 

At the checkout, each customer can choose which club they would like to support.
At the end of each day the donation pot will be shared equally across all teams, while the club who has receives the highest number of votes will be awarded an additional bonus donation as a reward.

We encourage you to invite friends and family to head to Turnbull's next week for their shopping and show their support for their favourite team and help us raise thousands of pounds for local youth sports clubs in the area.
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Save the date - Northumbrian Food Festival

Save the date - Northumbrian Food Festival

Save the date(s)! 18th - 23rd September 📆 for the inaugural 'Northumbrian Food Festival' - a week long programme of events celebrating the best Food & Drink.

Sign up for more information and priority ticket access here: 
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Meet our longest serving employee!

Meet our longest serving employee!

It’s a double celebration at Turnbull’s this week, as we celebrate an anniversary and launch our new range of ‘Heat and Eat’ meals.

Butcher Alan Hall celebrated his 61st birthday this week and it marked a remarkable career at Turnbull’s, that now spans over 45 years.

Alan started work at Turnbull’s in 1978 on his sixteenth birthday. More savoury, than sweet sixteen.

Could Alan be the longest serving employee in Alnwick? Or even Northumberland?

Either way, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a milestone worth celebrating! 


In his spare time Alan is an avid Bird watcher and travels the length and breadth of Great Britain looking to catch a glimpse of rare birds.

He’s also a passionate Newcastle United fan, and he can’t wait for Champion’s League football later this year.

As Alan enters his 46th year at Turnbull’s, he’s also very excited about our tasty, new range of slow cooked ready meals – and just like Alan himself, the dishes have been allowed to mature and develop over time. 

Our new range of meals includes; Chicken Legs in Honey & Mustard Sauce, Duck Legs in Oriental Sauce, Belly Pork Slices in Chinese Five Spice Sauce and Chicken Legs in Barbecue Sauce.

We’ve simplified your dining experience to a single step: ‘heat and eat’ for your convenience.

We’re very excited about it!

So, this week, whether you’re looking forward to the warmth of Alan’s hospitality or indulging in the extraordinary flavours of our latest range of slow-cooked, ready-to-enjoy meals. we can’t wait to see you in-store!

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Join us in celebrating our Heritage & Passion - National Butcher's Week 2023

Join us in celebrating our Heritage & Passion - National Butcher's Week 2023

We love festivals about food, and anything that celebrates food in the UK is particularly important for us as we pride ourselves in supplying the very best quality food made using local ingredients. 
For over 140 years Turnbull's have been supplying the very best Northumbrian produce since 1880. 
Since then, has Turnbull's maintained a reputation spanning six-generations of fine food from our Butchers, Bakers, Greengrocers & Delicatessens
This week we celebrate our Heritage with:

This also week celebrates the craft, skill and passion of our team of Butchers.
Over the weekend, Butcher Dan & Butcher Alex headed down to the Harrogate Butchers Show to take part in a 'Battle of the Butchers' competition against 12 other talented teams from across England, Scotland & Ireland.
Dan and Alex had hour to butcher a total surprise selection of meat:

• Pork Loin
• 2 Chickens
• Back Bacon
• Leg of Lamb
• Beef Rump

Our team name & theme '1880-2023 - Turnbull's Reign' also saw Dan & Alex create a brand new dish to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III in May.
King Charles is a huge fan of two things according to former Royal Chef, Darren McGrady:
British Lamb
Wild Mushrooms
During the competition, Dan & Alex decided to use Lamb and Mushrooms to create a Wellington fit for the King - Royal Lamb & Mushroom which will soon be available at Turnbull's Northumbrian Food Hall!

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Butchery Demonstration for the W.I

Butchery Demonstration for the W.I

We recently hosted a Butchery Demonstration for the Felton & Thirston Women's Institute at Felton Village Hall.

Sixth generation butcher, Dan Turnbull, worked with a local Lamb from South Bells Hill. Dan cut his way through some traditional preparation methods and some showed off some inventive new dishes.

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Tàchbora Northumbrian Whisky

Tàchbora Northumbrian Whisky

Tàchbora has landed 🥃
The inaugural edition of Ad Gefrin’s blended whisky is now available at The Northumbrian Food Hall. As proud supporters and founding 'Corenkyn’ members, Turnbull's are delighted to be supporting this fantastic new venture. 

Tácnbora is a Standard-Bearer in every sense. As the first spirit from Ad Gefrin the team wanted to tell the story of who they are and embody their inspirations in one blend.

Each edition of Tácnbora will blend whiskies that represent the peoples of the Kingdom of Northumbria. Scottish, Irish, English, and Scandinavian whiskies will all feature as they explore the origins of the story and await the arrival of the Single Malt.

Batch 01, the inaugural edition of the Tácnbora, combines Irish and Scottish Whiskies.



42.7% vol.

Tasting Notes:

On the nose, notes of honey, vanilla, candied citrus peel and spices are backed up on the palate with the flavours of sultanas, cream soda and nutmeg. The finish lingers and coats the mouth with the tastes of honey, vanilla and sweet citrus.

Nose: Honey, candied citrus peel, vanilla, cherries

Palate: Vanilla, cream soda, sultanas, nutmeg

Finish: Sweet citrus, vanilla and honey

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Supporting Local Farmers

Supporting Local Farmers

Our heritage is build on being one of the Nort East's best independent butchers. It is so important that we are committed to sourcing high quality and high welfare livestock from across Northumberland.

We take great care in ensuring that our produce had a good and natural life, is healthy and comes local farmers which retains a low carbon footprint.

Our team also able to pass on with confidence where we source our meat and why its so important to shop and support local.

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Is this Britain's most expensive Pork Pie?

Is this Britain's most expensive Pork Pie?

Baker Phil has created Britain’s most expensive pork pie, costing £100.00 each – and that’s just for a small one!

 The humble Pork Pie has been transformed here at Turnbull’s Northumbrian Food, to celebrate the return of the annual “Pork Pie Festival” which takes place from Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th August.

NOTE: The Pie has been sold and all proceeds will be going to the Alnwick Food Bank.

The recipe combines the traditional ingredients of hand raised, free-range pork and hot water pastry with the luxurious flavours of Black Summer Truffle, Beluga Caviar and is topped Edible 24 Carat-Gold and finished with even more grated truffle.

Phillip Dickinson, known by locals as ‘Baker Phil’ said: “We like to invent a new flavour of Pork Pie every year for the Pork Pie Festival. But this year we really wanted to push the boat out and create something extra special for the return of the festival after the 3-year hiatus”

“I spoke to Russ, a trusted truffle dealer, who was able to arrange some of the very best Italian Black Summer Truffles which are packed with tonnes of earthy flavour which will complement the sweet pork. I also managed to get my hands on some of the finest Beluga Caviar to put on the top of the pie, that will add a subtle salty and savour element and result in a rich and opulent Pork Pie fit for royalty”

The Pie is extremely limited edition and there only two in existence. The Pies are available to purchase from the Turnbull’s Northumbrian Food Hall and the Northumbrian Pie Shop & Deli in Alnwick and remains under constant watch via CCTV.

Baker Phil was also responsible for creating a “Pork Pie Wedding” cake for Pork Pie crazed Bride & Groom who tied the knot with a giant three-tier Pork Pie at their wedding back in March this year, which caused a bit of a viral sensation online.


The Pork Pie Festival 

Here is what you can expect from the Turnbull’s Pork Pie Festival:

  • Eight tasty varieties of homemade Pork Pie
  • Britain's Most Expensive Pork Pie (made with Black Truffle, Caviar, and 24-carat edible gold)
  • Pork Pie taste tests from very own ‘Pork Pie Expert
  • FREE Pork Pie Tastings in-store

The Line Up

  • Traditional Pork
  • Pork & Caramelised Onion
  • Pork & Chorizo
  • Pork & Black Pudding
  • Pork & Sweet Chilli
  • Pork, Leek & Stilton
  • Pork & Apple
  • Pork & Cranberry

All the Pork Pies are handmade using the very best ingredients in Turnbull’s very own Bakery. To find out more about the Pork Pie Festival, visit either Turnbull’s stores in Alnwick this week.

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You are invited to The Loft

You are invited to The Loft

You are invited to the Northumbrian Food Hall on Wednesday 20th  June for an exclusive preview evening between 6pm and 8pm.

Discover quality home goods, accessories, gift items and more at The Loft, located on the mezzanine floor. 

Please RSVP to:

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