We prepare...

Finest Quality Local Meat

Turnbull’s stock the finest quality meats with Beef, Pork & Lamb, purchased from Acklington Auction Mart along with exclusive partnerships that the Alnwick firm have forged with Local Farms over the years!

Turnbull’s buy all our Lamb, Pork & Beef from Local Abattoirs and all Poultry is sourced locally whenever possible and always British.

A small selection of Game is available seasonally from local Estates.

We are also proud to work directly with Farms to supply Rare & Native Breed Meats, such as; Longhorn, Shorthorn & Angus Beef. 

More than just a butcher...

Our skilled-butchers also craft a range of Oven-Ready Products for you to enjoy, such as; Truffles, Wellingtons, Kebabs and Roasting Joints.

We also make all of our own Burgers, Sausages and cure our own 'Proper' Bacon.