Meet our longest serving employee!

Meet our longest serving employee!

It’s a double celebration at Turnbull’s this week, as we celebrate an anniversary and launch our new range of ‘Heat and Eat’ meals.

Butcher Alan Hall celebrated his 61st birthday this week and it marked a remarkable career at Turnbull’s, that now spans over 45 years.

Alan started work at Turnbull’s in 1978 on his sixteenth birthday. More savoury, than sweet sixteen.

Could Alan be the longest serving employee in Alnwick? Or even Northumberland?

Either way, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a milestone worth celebrating! 


In his spare time Alan is an avid Bird watcher and travels the length and breadth of Great Britain looking to catch a glimpse of rare birds.

He’s also a passionate Newcastle United fan, and he can’t wait for Champion’s League football later this year.

As Alan enters his 46th year at Turnbull’s, he’s also very excited about our tasty, new range of slow cooked ready meals – and just like Alan himself, the dishes have been allowed to mature and develop over time. 

Our new range of meals includes; Chicken Legs in Honey & Mustard Sauce, Duck Legs in Oriental Sauce, Belly Pork Slices in Chinese Five Spice Sauce and Chicken Legs in Barbecue Sauce.

We’ve simplified your dining experience to a single step: ‘heat and eat’ for your convenience.

We’re very excited about it!

So, this week, whether you’re looking forward to the warmth of Alan’s hospitality or indulging in the extraordinary flavours of our latest range of slow-cooked, ready-to-enjoy meals. we can’t wait to see you in-store!