Tàchbora Northumbrian Whisky

Tàchbora Northumbrian Whisky

Tàchbora has landed 🥃
The inaugural edition of Ad Gefrin’s blended whisky is now available at The Northumbrian Food Hall. As proud supporters and founding 'Corenkyn’ members, Turnbull's are delighted to be supporting this fantastic new venture. 

Tácnbora is a Standard-Bearer in every sense. As the first spirit from Ad Gefrin the team wanted to tell the story of who they are and embody their inspirations in one blend.

Each edition of Tácnbora will blend whiskies that represent the peoples of the Kingdom of Northumbria. Scottish, Irish, English, and Scandinavian whiskies will all feature as they explore the origins of the story and await the arrival of the Single Malt.

Batch 01, the inaugural edition of the Tácnbora, combines Irish and Scottish Whiskies.



42.7% vol.

Tasting Notes:

On the nose, notes of honey, vanilla, candied citrus peel and spices are backed up on the palate with the flavours of sultanas, cream soda and nutmeg. The finish lingers and coats the mouth with the tastes of honey, vanilla and sweet citrus.

Nose: Honey, candied citrus peel, vanilla, cherries

Palate: Vanilla, cream soda, sultanas, nutmeg

Finish: Sweet citrus, vanilla and honey