Things We Do

Finest Quality Local Meat

Turnbull’s stock the finest quality meats with Beef and Lambs purchased from Acklington Auction Mart along with exclusive partnerships that the Alnwick firm have forged with Local Farms over the years! Turnbull’s buy all their Pork from Local Abattoirs and all Poultry is sourced locally whenever possible and always British. A small selection of Game is available seasonally and the Alnwick shop has formed a partnership with Northumberland Game to stock seasonal Game from local Estates!

Home Made Sausages & Burgers

Turnbull’s have a reputation for producing some of the countries best Sausages & Burgers and have, over the years, won many awards. Turnbull’s also supply a large number of local Restaurants, Eating Establishments and Bed & Breakfasts! Look out for our Sausage of the Month, where each month we highlight a different Speciality Sausage!

Home Dry Cured Bacons

Turnbull’s have developed a range of Dry Cured Bacons for that taste of ‘How Bacon Used to be!’. As-well as Turnbull’s Traditional Dry, Home Cured Bacon, Customers may also choose from an ever changing Speciality Cures that includes Winter Cure, Maple Cure, Garlic & Chilli, Treacle & Apricot & Rosemary! Customers are also able to buy Smoked Bacon that we smoke ourselves in our very own Smoker! 

Home Cooked Meats

Turnbull’s offer a large range of Cooked Meats including Hams, Beef, Pork, Turkey, Ox Tongue and Pressed Beef. A Range of savory puddings are also available including Black & White Puddings, Haggis, Pease Pudding & Potted Brawn. There is also a large range of home made salads that includes Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Coronation Chicken & Cheese Savoury.

Award Winning Pies & Pastries

Turnbull’s have developed a reputation for producing ‘top notch’ Pies & Pastries and have won many awards for their Bakery Products. The large range of Pies are cooked on the premises and are made with Turnbull’s finest Quality Meats. You will also discover a large range of Home Baked Cakes, Fruit Tarts & Puddings such as the Famous ‘Sticky Toffee’ Pudding.

Home Made Ready Meals

Turnbull’s In-house Chef prepares a large range of Ready Meals. The range are already cooked and simply need re-heating to piping hot before serving, the ultimate in Kitchen Convenience! 

Delicatessen & Speciality Foods

Turnbull’s stock a large range of Deli products that includes Dried Meats, Cheeses, Olives, Preserves, Jams, Biscuits, Sauces, Gravies and much, much more! Turnbull's Northumbrian Food Hall is an Aladdin's Cave of Food!

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables are stocked to the rear of the shop, with Fresh Stock brought in daily from the North East Wholesale Greenmarket in Gateshead. A full range is stocked and if you can’t see it, please ask as we may have even more items in our Wholesale Supply Store!