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Butchery Sales Professional

Are you a passionate carnivore with super sales skills?

This full-time position is perfect for someone who would love to join our expert sales team, helping to increase sales of fresh meat, creating enticing counter displays and playing a part in developing new and exciting meat dishes for the butchery department in our Northumbrian Food Hall in Alnwick.

If you are…

  • Passionate about food and drink, especially meat (great food experiences excite you),
  • A people-person who loves to create connections, build relationships and be ‘in the conversation’ (your school teacher may have said you talked too much),
  • Hard working, love being on your feet and a busy person (operating at a high pace is just what you do),
  • Results-oriented with a proven sales record (selling comes naturally to you and you love hitting targets),
  • The next Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver (Okay, so you’re probably not going to host a show, but we can all dream can’t we),
  • Standards driven, taking great pride in the work you do (Cutting corners is never an option, high standards matter - a lot),
  • Interested in amazing retail experiences (you have fond memories of retailors who have ‘wowed’ you),
  • Willing to learn and develop a deep knowledge of the food and drink we sell and how they are produced (animal breeds, muscle formations and how the food chain actually works fascinates you),
  • Enjoyable to be around with a positive team attitude (you’ve got a can-do spirit and believe the best in people),

And would love to…

  • Interact with customers who love food (you get excited at the thought of ‘chatting’ with them),
  • Give expert advice on the meals we sell and how to cook them (they will ask you if you wouldn’t mind just cooking it for them),
  • Help our team of experts develop new dishes (you’re not feared of dreaming about this stuff – it does happen),
  • Provide invaluable feedback on what our customers want (you have a natural ability to gauge what people are looking for),
  • Make the odd star performance in our marketing endeavours (the occasional picture and video performance doesn’t daunt you in the slightest),
  • Play an important role in one of the country’s finest independent food retail teams(being the best matters a lot to you),
  • Bottom line… If you’re ready to get your teeth stuck in to the task of becoming Turnbull’s next food hero, then this job’s for you! 

We offer…

  • Full-time hours and job security (Our team were proven to be ‘key workers’ during 2020),
  • A competitive wage working in a beautiful, historic town (voted the best place to live by Country Life Magazine in 2016),
  • Opportunities for training and continued professional skills (we hire for attitude and train the skills),
  • A small, family owned, entrepreneurial company where your ideas, efforts and inputs are heard and valued (you really make a difference to the success of the company),
  • The chance to ‘carve’ out a new career (excuse the pun) with one of the country’s best independent butchers – we have big plans for our Northumbrian Food Hall!

Turnbull’s offer delightful food experiences that are built around the heritage of our family’s butchery business, established in 1880, putting meat at the heart of everything we do.

Turnbull’s provide the best available Northumbrian meats along with fresh produce, fine foods and ingredients for home cooks and using the ingredients to create exciting and flavoursome oven ready and ready to eat dishes for our busy customers.

Ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible along with fine food and drink from around Britain, Europe and the rest of the world.

If you would like to be part of the Turnbull’s team, send your CV or resume to us by email, telling us a bit about yourself and why you’re interested in this job. Send your email with the subject line ‘Butchery Sales Professional’ to

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