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Haggis: A fine Northumbrian Dish?

The natives of Scotland won’t accept it, but we all know that Haggis definitely originated in the kingdom of Northumbria!

Leading food historian author, Peter Brears, has claimed that Haggis originated in the Northeast of England, and describes it as a “fine English dish” which was made throughout the country from as early as the 15th century.

Peter said that “the modern whisky- soaked image has been manufactured and owes more to romantic patriotism than historical reality”

Listing recipes that would have been common on coalminers tables of Northumberland, he made a claim which may have every true Scotsman take up arms — or at least his knife and fork. “Haggis is an English dish that the Scots decided they would take on when they decided they needed a national identity,” he said.

The Kingdom of Northumbria used to stretch from Edinburgh right down to Humber as far back as 700AD where the dish will have originated.

This is backed up by Historian Catherine Brown. She said that “she found references to the dish” inside a 1615 book called The English Hus-Wife. The title would pre-date Robert Burns' famous poem ‘To A Haggis’, which brought fame to the delicacy, by at least 171 years.

Haggis at Turnbull's Northumbrian Food

Turnbull’s have been making “Northumbrian” Haggis for over 100 years, when Bobby was asked to if he sold Haggis in his shop.  Now, the recipe is in the 6th generation of the family, each adding their own variation, and is created using only the finest ingredients. Including Northumbrian Lamb, oats, and our secret blend of seasoning. Our haggis has already been cooked and simply need to be baked, steamed or microwaved until it is piping hot.


We also prepare a range of Haggis Oven Ready Dishes if you are looking for something to try. Such as; Haggis Sausage, Haggis Beef Olives, Haggis Neeps and Tattie Pies & Balormal Chicken. You can also learn how to cook Haggis by unlocking Butcher Dan’s Recipe Vault.

For those of you planning on celebrating Burns’ Night at home why not try the complete Burn’s Supper Kit? Each Kit Contains:

  • Northumbrian Haggis
  • Oven Ready Neeps & Tatties
  • Homemade Whisky Gravy
  • Cock-a-Leekie Soup
  • Traditional Cranachan Dessert
  • Wedge of Blue Cheese
  • Oat Cakes
  • Copy of Robert Burn’s Famous Poem so you can ‘Address the Haggis’ at home!

The Haggis and Burns Night

Burns Night is a celebration of Poet, Robbie Burns. Know as 'Burn's Supper', these feasts are held on the poet’s birthday, 25th January.  A Burn's Supper traditionally consists of; Haggis, Scotch Whisky and readings of Burns’ poetry. He famously wrote: “Address to a Haggis” which names the Haggis as “Great chieftain o’ the puddin-race!”