Is this Britain's most expensive Pork Pie?

Is this Britain's most expensive Pork Pie?

Baker Phil has created Britain’s most expensive pork pie, costing £100.00 each – and that’s just for a small one!

 The humble Pork Pie has been transformed here at Turnbull’s Northumbrian Food, to celebrate the return of the annual “Pork Pie Festival” which takes place from Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th August.

NOTE: The Pie has been sold and all proceeds will be going to the Alnwick Food Bank.

The recipe combines the traditional ingredients of hand raised, free-range pork and hot water pastry with the luxurious flavours of Black Summer Truffle, Beluga Caviar and is topped Edible 24 Carat-Gold and finished with even more grated truffle.

Phillip Dickinson, known by locals as ‘Baker Phil’ said: “We like to invent a new flavour of Pork Pie every year for the Pork Pie Festival. But this year we really wanted to push the boat out and create something extra special for the return of the festival after the 3-year hiatus”

“I spoke to Russ, a trusted truffle dealer, who was able to arrange some of the very best Italian Black Summer Truffles which are packed with tonnes of earthy flavour which will complement the sweet pork. I also managed to get my hands on some of the finest Beluga Caviar to put on the top of the pie, that will add a subtle salty and savour element and result in a rich and opulent Pork Pie fit for royalty”

The Pie is extremely limited edition and there only two in existence. The Pies are available to purchase from the Turnbull’s Northumbrian Food Hall and the Northumbrian Pie Shop & Deli in Alnwick and remains under constant watch via CCTV.

Baker Phil was also responsible for creating a “Pork Pie Wedding” cake for Pork Pie crazed Bride & Groom who tied the knot with a giant three-tier Pork Pie at their wedding back in March this year, which caused a bit of a viral sensation online.


The Pork Pie Festival 

Here is what you can expect from the Turnbull’s Pork Pie Festival:

  • Eight tasty varieties of homemade Pork Pie
  • Britain's Most Expensive Pork Pie (made with Black Truffle, Caviar, and 24-carat edible gold)
  • Pork Pie taste tests from very own ‘Pork Pie Expert
  • FREE Pork Pie Tastings in-store

The Line Up

  • Traditional Pork
  • Pork & Caramelised Onion
  • Pork & Chorizo
  • Pork & Black Pudding
  • Pork & Sweet Chilli
  • Pork, Leek & Stilton
  • Pork & Apple
  • Pork & Cranberry

All the Pork Pies are handmade using the very best ingredients in Turnbull’s very own Bakery. To find out more about the Pork Pie Festival, visit either Turnbull’s stores in Alnwick this week.