Better for you BBQ advice

Better for you BBQ advice

We are here to help you become true BBQ legends with help and advice from our expert team of grill-masters! 

BBQ Tip 1 – Burnt is Bad!

The days of a burnt burger in a limp bap, doused in ketchup, and served with the cry "if it ain't burnt – it ain't BBQ!" are thankfully long gone. Burned food is unhealthy; it doesn't look or taste good, and it isn't good for you! 

BBQ Tip 2 – Pick n’Choose

Barbi is a more relaxed and informal affair than a regular supper, and the food selection is far more diverse. Burgers & Sausages, llean meat, poultry, vegetables, and even fruit are all high on the grill stakes, so you'll probably receive a greater variety of healthier cuisine than you would indoors!

  • Mix Peppers, Onions and Halloumi Cheese for tasty Vegetable Kebabs 
  • Turnbull's Coleslaw and Potato Salad are excellent side dishes 
  • Ask our Butchers to Mix n Match Sausages for you from our range

BBQ Tip 3 – Gas or Charcoal

Most first time BBQ’ers buy a simple charcoal grill, but gas grills can now cost under £50. So just what’s the best? Well; gas is simpler to use and more easily controllable. Whilst charcoal is more traditional and adds that essential BBQ taste. A simple guide is ‘Gas for ease’ and ‘Charcoal for taste’.

  • Pickup a bag of 'Big K' lump wood charcoal on your next visit 

BBQ Tip 4 – Hot Tip

A good guide to grill temperatures is the hand test. Hold your hand around 6” from the grill; if you can only keep it there for a few seconds, the temperature is too hot, 15-30 seconds is high and an ideal searing heat. 30-60 seconds,  means a medium temperature, ideal for normal grilling. Over a minute, fairly warm and good for keeping food warm. Any longer and the grill is not ready.