Get BBQ ready

Get BBQ ready

We’re here to help you make the most of your BBQ by helping you on that grill! 

Here are some of our BBQ Top Tips

Let the BBQ heat up first
A common mistake is to start throwing food on the grill without giving the BBQ enough time to reach it’s optimal temperature! Coals: 30-40mins | Gas 10mins

Check you’ve got the right tools!
We’ve all accidentally lost a sausage down a grill or flipped a burger over the edge. The one bit of kit you simply must have is a decent pair of tongs – they give you the most control, and reduce the chances of dropping anything between the grills!

Get the sides right
Sides should never be an afterthought! They will make up two-thirds of what you eat if you’re trying to have something that resembles a balanced meal. 

Thermometer = Life
Don’t get caught out with under or overcooked meats! Invest in a probe to ensure you get everything cooked to perfection! 

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