Top Farm Fresh Turkey Tips

Top Farm Fresh Turkey Tips

Christmas comes just once a year and it seems to be starting earlier and earlier, and this year is no different. So why not get prepared with a little help from your favourite Local Butcher!

We get it. You want to get your Christmas day feast just right; the fluffy Roast Potatoes, Tremendous Trimmings and Glorious Gravy (Hint: Use our Homemade Gravy & pass it off as your own!) plus, the centrepiece that everyone looks forward to... the perfect Christmas Turkey!

If you are looking for a great value Turkey to feed your family this Christmas we have a selection of Farm Fresh Turkey's this year.  Here are our Top Turkey Tips for cooking up that juicy, tasty Turkey to be the showstopper of your Christmas dinner this year.

Tip 1 – choose the best quality turkey

Turnbull's Barn-Reared British Turkeys provide excellent value for money and great succulent meat. The Turkey's are traditionally slowly reared in spacious, open farm buildings with natural light and ventilation. A traditional bird with juicy texture and dense meat.


Tip 2 – Buy the right size of turkey

Every year we are faced with the same puzzle: wanting to have enough turkey to feed the hungry diners at the table and also having enough for delicious leftovers the next day, but not wanting to buy too much either. Here's our Handy Guide to help you choose the right Turkey: 

Turnbull's Farm Fresh Turkeys

  • Small (4.5kg+) Feeds: 6-8 
  • Medium (6kg+) Feed: 8-10
  • Large (7kg+) Feeds: 10-12
  • X-Large (8kg+) Feeds: 12-16

Tip 3 – How to cook your Farm Fresh Turkey

Our cooking guide can also be found on our website here. So, no more frantically leafing through the pages of recipes books amidst the other chaos in the kitchen! Make sure you have some of Streaky Bacon on hand to cover the bird to maximise the flavour! 

Click to download Cooking Guide

So, the Christmas dinner has been a huge success, the turkey was delicious and juicy, your guests are full of praise and no one went home hungry. But then Boxing Day morning arrives and the leftover turkey can be enjoyed once again.

Everyone has their own favourite leftover traditions, perhaps a turkey curry or a turkey soup, or just simply cold cuts and chutney in a scrumptious turkey sandwich. But perhaps you fancy trying something different this year? Browse Butcher Dan's Recipe Vault.

So there we have our top turkey tips on how to cook up and enjoy the best Christmas turkey for your guests.