Scotch Egg Week returns!

Scotch Egg Week returns!

The Humble Scotch Egg. For the next 10 days Turnbull’s is holding their annual “Scotch Egg Week” with 8 variations on the Popular British Snacking Icon. What flavour will you choose?

• Traditional Scotch Egg

• Northumberland Scotch Egg - Made with Turnbull’s Award-Winning Northumbrian Sausage Meat

• Pork & Black Pudding Scotch Egg - Made with Turnbull’s Homemade Black Pudding

• Pork & Chorizo Scotch Egg - Made with Spanish Chorizo

• Pork & Caramelised Onion Scotch Egg - Our most popular!

• NEW: Smokey BBQ Scotch Egg- Summer BBQ meets Scotch Egg!

• Ploughman’s Scotch Egg - Made with Cheddar Cheese & Branston Pickle

  • Sweet Chilli Scotch Egg - Don't worry, not spicy! 

All of our handmade Scotch Eggs contain Free Range Eggs laid by happy hens at R. Ord & Sons at Chatton Park Farm, just outside of Alnwick.