Scotch Egg Week is back!

Scotch Egg Week is back!

The Humble Scotch Egg. A British Snacking Icon.

Scotch Egg Week returns from Thursday, May 2nd for our celebrations featuring 8 variations on the popular snack! What flavour will you choose?

Pork & Caramelised Onion

Pork & Chorizo 

Pork & Black Pudding 

Hog Roast (Sage, Apple & Red Onion) 

Ploughman’s (Mild Cheddar, Pickle)

Pork Leek & Stilton

Traditional Pork

Northumbrian (Lindisfarne Mead, Local Honey, Herbs) 

All of our handmade Scotch Eggs contain Free Range Eggs laid by happy hens at R. Ord & Sons at Chatton Park Farm, just outside of Alnwick.

How familiar are you with the history of the Scotch Egg?