Mother's Day

Mother's Day

A day to pamper all of those wonderful mothers and powerful ladies and make the Sunday Roast even more memorable!

Our Mother's Day assortment of the finest heritage breed beef, bursting with fresh ingredients, is the ideal way to show your thanks to Mum on Sunday, March 27.

As always, all of our meat is raised locally and to a high quality, ensuring the best tasting meat available.

We wish all the special women a wonderful Mother's Day! 

Tender Fillet Steak

Fillet steak is a hallmark cut across the world and the most appreciated of all cuts Beef.

This steak further exemplifies why British beef has such a prestigious reputation. The fillet of Northumbrian Meat is skilfully aged to relax the beef into exquisite suppleness, and it is predominantly grass fed on verdant pastures.

 The result is a thick, juicy disc of lean and completely tender beef, cut precisely for you.


Flavourful Spatchcock Chicken

With a range of tasty and exciting flavours, such as; Greek Passion, Lemon Chilli Ginger, and Sweet Teriyaki, our Spatchcock Chickens are prepared and marinaded by our team of Butchers ready for you just to pop into the oven.


A traditional butchery method, spatchcocking (also known as butterfly)- involves the skilful removal of the chicken's backbone to flatten the bird. This allows the bird to cook a lot quicker and more surface to season, making the Spatchcock Chicken a firm favourite.


Succulent Lamb

 A British favourite with a lot of lean, delicious meat that's perfect for a Sunday roast with all the fixings and pairs nicely with fragrant rosemary. 

 This easy-to-carve delicacy is expertly prepared by our Master Butchers and rolled and boned, with an outstanding sweet flavour that represents the richness of the lush meadows where our flocks graze.


Perfect Pork

With its abundant fat cover and exquisite succulence, this prime pig is great for roasting.  

Our Pork ensures great succulence and flavour thanks to a rich diet and the freedom to mature at their own speed.


Beautiful Flowers from Floral Gift

Northumberland floral designers, flower farmers and twin sisters, Floral Gift, enjoys creating artisan seasonal arrangements using flowers, herbs, grasses and hedgerow offerings from their flower field, around Alnwick, as well as sourcing from fellow British Growers.

Very limited on-store availability, be quick!


Bespoke Wines chosen by Mark Turnbull

Mark has a passion for great wine and the palette to boot. All of the wine at Turnbull’s has been selected based on quality, taste and food-paring ability. Here is Mark’s picks for Mother’s Day.

Red – Ventopuro Estelar, Carmenere  

"It has a ruby red colour with violet tones. On the nose we find aromas that remind us of strawberries, cassis with a perfect balance of oak... very elegant. In mouth it has powerful but rounds tannins, with a good combination with the acidity of the wine. Long persistence at the end, great finish" 


White – Moloko bay,  Sauvignon Blanc

 "This Southern Hemisphere Sauvignon Blanc offers a fresh, zesty palate with tropical fruit and green apple. Lemon and lime tease the palate into a crisp refreshing finish with long lasting fruit" 


Sparkling – Bolney Bubbly, English Sparkling Wine  

"Delightful floral and brioche notes combine with zesty citrus fruit, honeysuckle and elderflower for this Sussex sparkling wine. It is delicate and well balanced, finishing with a soft fresh hint of sweetness, making it the perfect English sparkling wine gift" 

The Proof of the Pudding… (is in the eating)

 From tiny beginnings to a now multi-award-winning range of great British puddings, Susan Green produces delectable desserts in the heart of Northumberland. 

Sticky Toffee Pudding

 A light and moist sponge pudding, succulent with dates and subtly flavoured with pure vanilla extract, then smothered in a rich sticky toffee sauce.

Indulgent Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Pudding with Chocolate Sauce – The Chocolate Pudding that started it all! Scrumptious chocolate sponge pudding topped with a rich fudgey sauce which, when reheated, melts into a pool around the pudding.