Half-Term Hero's!

Half-Term Hero's!

Here's a bunch of tasty ideas for meals over this half-term break!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal solution this week, why not tuck into one of Turnbull’s delicious stir-fry’s?

 In the beef range, our Teriyaki remains ever popular, a sweeter flavour with no spicy kick, this Japanese inspired dish is always a hit. Our Spicy Beef stir-fry has a mild spicy kick to it whilst a Chinese inspired taste is offered by our Beef and Black Bean Sauce stir fry.

 If you fancy Chicken then we have a great selection. How about; Black Garlic Chicken, a sweeter more balsamic type flavour, always a top seller. Or if you fancy something with a bit more of a kick then try our Lemon, Chilli & Ginger Chicken, a citrus flavour with a mild chilli kick.

Finally, you can find Teriyaki Chicken stir-fry in our counter this week and as above with the Teriyaki beef, this stir-fry offers a sweeter flavour with no spicy kick.

So why not become your family’s food hero this week and dish them up a quick and easy meal they will love? You’ll never tire of our fantastic stir-frys, but just in case, here are Five different ways to serve your stir-fry, all guaranteed to satisfy your hungry diners…..


Simple Stir-Fry 

Obviously, the most common and easiest way to serve it, stir-fry it in a Wok or frying pan with just a small amount of oil.

Serve with Rice or egg noodles. Chopsticks are optional!

Get a Pitta this! 


Stir-fry it in a wok or pan with a small amount of oil and serve with warm pitta bread and a tasty salad. Mmmmm!




For a tasty alternative, stir-fry it in a wok or pan with a small amount of oil.

Cook off some rice and mix the stir-fry and rice together and finish in an oven pre-heated to 180°C for 10-15 minutes.

Wrap it up! 


Create tasty wraps by stir-frying and serving in wraps with Sour Cream, Cheese and Salad. The ultimate tea time treat - fajita style!


Stir-fry it in a wok or pan with a small amount of oil then layer it with nachos and cheese and top with sour cream and avocado. What a combo!


There you go, Five quick and easy ways to create tasty meal solutions for you and your family.