Flash Sale: Low & Slow Beef Joints

Flash Sale: Low & Slow Beef Joints

It's time for a flash sale. But what have we got for you this month? 

Well, Alex and the butchery team had to have lined up something really, really special. 

Alex has been experimenting with low and slow cooking and if you’re a Friday regular at Turnbull’s you will know we have pulled beef on the hot counter at lunch time. 

So, for one day only, we’re putting Beef Chuck on offer. 

Normally they're retail at £19.95/kg but for one day only you can pick up a kilogram joint for just £14.95 – saving a whopping £5 per kilo!


 The Butchery Team have prepared four different flavours; Smokey BBQ, Jamaican Jerk, Black Garlic and of course plain for you to add your own twist.

But what is the secret to cooking Beef Chuck? Alex tells us it’s all about low and slow by letting the meat become pull-apart tender.

Alex recommends cooking on an in-direct heat (by moving the coals over to one side and placing the meat on the other) on the BBQ for 4-5 hours at 150c.

Don’t want to grab the grill? You can also do it in the oven or slow cooker at the same temperature.

Here is Mark & Alex to explain how they prepared these beautiful pulled beef sandwiches with BBQ sauce and coleslaw!