British Game Week - Get into Game

British Game Week - Get into Game

We’re helping you ‘Get into Game’ this week at Turnbull’s as we celebrate British Game Week! 
Game is wild, natural, and free range with a distinctive flavour making it a great alternative other meat. As it is low in cholesterol and high in protein Game is one of the healthiest meats available today.
We have prepared the following for you to enjoy: 
  • Oven Ready Pheasants, Partridge & Mallard 
  • Wild Boar Sausages & Burgers 
  • Baker Phil's Legendary Game Pie 
  • Game Mix
  • Venison 
Click here to download our Guide to Game

 Why should you eat Game?

1) It is Ethical. If you're reading this, we assume you're a person that is mindful about what you eat, especially when it comes to high-welfare meat. Wild game is as free-range meat as you can find it, read more on British Game Alliance to read about quality and ethical assurance when sourcing game. 

2) It is better for you! Yes, it's nutritionally a better meat to eat when it comes to your health. From being low in fat and cholesterol, to the natural way it's grown, game is proven to be a healthier choice. Check out this infographic to better understand the nutrition. 

3) It supports local and British! Independent, local suppliers are more important to us as a community now than ever. 

4) It plays an important part in animal conservation through the support of game suppliers; "The wild game industry plays a fundamental role in managing the populations of game in the UK; without the work of estates and the game industry, populations would increase to unsustainable levels. It has positive effects on the ecology of our natural landscape." - Taste of Game 

5) It is versatile in the kitchen! Game meat from pheasant to venison to grouse and beyond, are easily adaptable to recipes that ask for more traditional meat. Moreover you can use game in almost unlimited ways, and when it comes to a zero-waste perspective, game is a great option.