Introducing... Butcher Søren

Introducing... Butcher Søren

Drawing experience from across the world, Butcher Søren joins the award-winning team at Turnbull’s

Turnbull’s announce today that they have recruited Butcher Søren, originally from Denmark, now living in the UK to join the skilled team of Butchers.

Søren has over 15 years’ experience in the meat trade, having started his career as an apprentice in Demark before travelling to countries like; Iceland, Falklands, New Zealand and Canada to continue training and learning the craft he considers his life’s passion. 

Soren, who has recently moved to the UK with his family said:

I love working together with other professionals in the industry who I can learn from. Travelling has allowed me to try new techniques and ideas as well as develop my own recipes and dishes. You are never too old to learn!”

“One thing I love the most is hearing the feedback from customers; I love to put a smile on their face when they return and tell me about the meals they have created”

 Soren will be based between Turnbull’s flagship Food Hall, located on the Willowburn Retail Park next to Marks & Spencer’s, which recently celebrated its first birthday, as well as the historic Town Centre Shop. He will be bringing his repertoire of international flavours from across the world to Alnwick. We are very proud to have him work alongside our existing team.

Mark Turnbull, 5th Generation Butcher said: “We are always on the lookout for the best skill here at Turnbull’s. Soren brings with him his butchery techniques from around the world. He adds another dimension to our business, and we welcome his innovative meat ideas to share with our customers. Next time you are in store, do say Hello!